2009 Water Quality Report

2008 Water Quality Report

The City of Lakewood, TN

   Public Works Department


Lakewood Water Department will start it's state mandated yearly
testing of backflow prevention devices the last week of June and
continue throughout July 2010. Most of these devises are located on
the water lines of Lakewood businesses, so most residents will not be affected, however we inspect properties weekly to find cross
connections present in order to ensure the safety of our residents.
Most cross connections we find are easily fixed as in the examples
below. Just please be aware of the real dangers of a cross connection.

What is a cross-connection? A cross-connection occurs when a pipe
designed to carry safe drinking water is connected at some point to
unsafe water or other liquid material. You may not think of your home
as having such hazards, but if you have a hose that is submerged in a pool, carwash bucket, bathtub or laundry sink, or if you have a
pesticide sprayer connected to a garden hose, you've created a cross-connection. If a water main breaks, the potential exists for unsafe substances to be siphoned back into the water supply. This means that contaminated water in a pool, carwash bucket, laundry sink, or pesticide sprayer could be drawn into the water system. Once there, the contamination could affect many.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at (615) 847-3711

Thank you,
Brad Hutchinson
Lakewood Water Operator


Metro is raising Sewer Rates

2008 Lakewood Water Quality Report

Lakewood Water Regulations - updated

               Old Hickory Utility District Water Purchase Agreement


                     Brad Hutchinson - Certified Water Operator


                     Bobby Brooks

                              Water, Sewer, and Trash Contract

A 250-dollar Water Deposit is required for new service

Section 1 of Lakewood Ordinance 290 established a 250-dollar deposit requirement for new water service:

There is hereby established a security deposit of $250.00 to be paid by each applicant to secure the payment of cost for water service and refuse collection service in the City of Lakewood. The security deposit must be paid prior to the connection of water service and the providing of refuse collection service in the City of Lakewood.

Section 4 of the Ordinance allows the property owner to execute a Guaranty Agreement instead of the 250-dollar deposit:

In lieu of posting a security deposit as specified herein to secure the payment of water service and refuse collection service, all fee simple owners of the real property to which the service is to be provided may execute a Guaranty Agreement guarantying to pay all charges incurred to the City of Lakewood for water service and refuse collection service on the designated property being served. The property owner, at the discretion of the City Manager, may be required to furnish proof of ownership of the property.

Water Bill FAQ

When is my Bill due?  Water bills are due on the 15th of every month.  If the previous month
is not paid by the 25th, customer is subject to service cut-off on the 26th.

I've been turned off ! What do I do now? You must pay your bill in full plus a $25.00
re-connection fee before water service can be resumed.

Can I turn the water back on myself? No! Customers cannot turn their own water back
on.  If you do you will be subject to a $50.00 tampering fee in addition to the re-connection
fee.  Meters and curb-stops (on / off valves) have been damaged by customers tampering
with them.  Repair or replacement costs will be at the customers expense.

What exactly am I paying for?  Here is a breakdown:

Water - First 1000 gallons and minimum bill is $10.90, every additional 1000 gallons is $3.58 

Sewer - First 1500 gallons is $6.05, every additional 750 gallons is $3.76

Garbage - $18.12

Additional fees listed on the bill include State taxes and the Sewer User Fee charged by Metro Water Service.  Sewers are maintained by Metro Water Service.

How do Lakewood water rates compare to other cities or districts? A 2007 survey of 265 organizations across Tennessee -  Lakewood ranked as follows:

                                             5,000 gallons - $23.43 ... 141 out of 265

                                           15,000 gallons - $ 59.23 ... 140 out of 265

                                            25,000 gallons - $ 95.03 ... 145 out of 265

Lakewood is in the middle of the rankings in all categories and below the State average for 5,000 gallons.  We purchase our water from Old Hickory Utility District. 

Lakewood Water Department's Cross Connection Control Program is in compliance with:

                                       The Federal Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974